Our Best Advice for Choosing and Maintaining Food Court Furniture

Our Best Advice for Choosing and Maintaining Food Court Furniture

With hundreds of customers passing through your food court area every day, taking a break from their shopping to grab a bite to eat, the food court furniture gets a serious workout. When you consider how many times your chairs will be pulled out and pushed in, seated on, leant on, and more, you’ll want to choose your restaurant furniture carefully.

As a commercial food court furniture manufacturer, we’ve worked with several clients, assisting them in not only making the most of their large-scale space but also getting the most out of their furniture choices.

When planning your food court hospitality furniture, or any hospitality furniture for big scale venues for that matter, there are a few crucial considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Choose low-maintenance, easy-to-clean furniture.

Food court furniture should be easy to move about, resilient enough to withstand high traffic, and built of materials that are easy to clean and maintain their appearance even after repeated cleanings and heavy use.

We recommend that you create a maintenance plan to assist with your furniture’s cleaning process and that everyone on your team is aware of storage and set-up procedures, as well as the cleaning products that can be used on your furniture and the occasional specialised treatments that will extend the life of your chosen furniture.

  • Select a chair that can be stacked.

When you’re cleaning a huge place with a lot of restaurant furniture, minor decisions might make a big difference. The ability to stack chairs makes it simple to maintain your food court furniture and space, as well as allows you to keep some spares on hand without taking up too much room.

Stackable chairs are among our most popular products, combining functionality with comfort and style.

  • Look for long-lasting commercial food court furniture

While beauty and design are vital, you must consider how much wear and tear your furniture will endure in high-traffic areas like a food court. Customers will not like furniture that is in disrepair, and you will not want to spend money on new furniture if it is constantly destroyed.

We put all of our chairs through a rigorous testing process to ensure their durability. Of course, some models are more suited to frequent usage and the continual cleaning required in food courts, so our specialists will suggest the best options.

  • Prefer light weight furniture  

Loose tables and chairs that can be moved around simply and cleaned frequently and quickly are the best alternatives. We offer a wide range of simple and basic table bases that can be relocated easily and fast when required. When you combine them with a variety of tabletop alternatives that are both versatile and easy to clean, the food court is well on its way to being equipped.

It’s not difficult to set up a food court if you keep the basics in mind. That is, the furniture should be clean and maintain its appearance, be useful, and perform its purpose quickly and affordably. As a food court furniture manufacturer, we have ample options to meet all of these requirements and more.

Metal Avenues pride itself as one of the finest restaurant furniture manufacturers in Delhi and assist you in making the best decision to meet your needs while also ensuring that your space is up to code and your clients are secure. Get in contact with one of our knowledgeable staff members if you have any inquiries regarding furnishing your food court or large-scale hospitality facility.

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