Trending Banquet Designs

Trending Banquet Designs

Trending Banquet Designs

There is a reason why the new year is called New, as it comes with different trends which continue to emerge and become popular. With 2021 just starting let’s discuss some new Trending Banquet Designs.
Here are a few new ways to be inspired on how to decorate the event, set top-notch displays, and add a touch of uniqueness with the newest trends.

Long table seating
The top trend in function seating for 2020 is the long banquet table. Instead of the traditional individual round tables, people are choosing long banquet tables that extend across the length of the venue. These tables make for astonishing photography. Long tables spread with glaring floral centrepieces and food as far as the eye can see creates a stunning first impression. Metal Avenues offers an exclusive range of Banquet tables for meeting the high demands of the Banquet halls. Our banquet tables are diligently designed to the finest detail.

Banquet Chair design
Stackable banquet chairs are the most coherent banquet seating option which gives easy setup and arrangement benefits. The vintage-inspired chair cover is a very admired rental for Brides that are hosting their reception at banquets and an “outdoorsy” venue. Metal Avenues Furniture, stands undisputedly as a one-stop solution for international designs and practically-usable banquet furniture. You can easily buy banquet chair covers online by going through the website of Metal Avenues, we have a various variety of chair covers.

Banquets Trolley/Accessories
This is the best option to set up a wedding buffet. While you can set up the main banquet food Trolley for most of the attendees some of them might have special dietary necessities. Metal Avenues Furniture
are premium manufacturer supplier of banquet rectangular trolleys including banquet luggage trolleys, rolling equipment for hotels, and banquet chairs. Metal avenues banquet trolleys consist of chair trolleys, table trolleys, mobile stages, and F & B carts. These are heavy-duty chassis & come with maximum weight-bearing capacity. The wheels used in these trolleys are all of the best quality & non-marking, as per international standards.

Metal Avenues’ name has been well known within the Indian hospitality industry for 18 years. Our extensive collection of Banquet chairs, foldable banquet tables, buffet tables, and mobile stages, etc. are of the highest quality with custom-made features & finishes. Our banquet furniture comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Keep your events modern, with these trends.

Visit and explore our extensive range of quality banquet furniture:

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