Top restaurant design trends of 2021

Top restaurant design trends of 2021

The year 2021  will certainly experience a change in restaurant design and decor trends. From revamped restaurant tables and chairs to full blown branding alterations, the real question is what exactly are these restaurant design trends that are like to surface? To provide some more insight on what exactly is shifting within the restaurant atmosphere, here is some insight on what to expect.

Below are the restaurant furniture design and decor trends that are likely to reshape future restaurant dining experiences.

Wooden elements to bring the outdoors inside : 

Other than being noticeably cozier, adding wood elements inside can provoke that homely, wild and raw appeal that is profoundly favourable now and in the near future. This, alongside items like a nice wooden wall accent, can all tie the mood and ambience together that your customers will naturally appreciate. The most amazing part? It can interest virtually all socioeconomics in light of the fact that warm wood tones never become unpopular. 

Warmer tones

For a long while, greys and whites have dominated the colour scheme in restaurant settings, but that is not so much the case anymore. Interior designers are now changing to warmer tones and browns , which is said to stimulate hunger. You, likewise need to remember that appointing another shading code that promotes natural, earthy tones to help diners relax also needs to coincide with the overall branding you have as well.

Outdoor Dining Spaces

The pandemic pushed many restaurants to significantly re-evaluate how they operate. In addition to creating options for take-out and home delivery, many restaurants adapted to these times by either creating or expanding their outdoor dining space. In some cases, restaurants with existing outdoor dining renovated them to allow the area to be used in such a manner as to allow adequate distance between tables, thus giving space and creating a sense of safety for customers.

This design trend isn’t expected to go away anytime soon. Scientists have predicted that COVID-19 and its variants may affect us for some time going forward. This, therefore makes it all the more imperative to have outdoor dining options as it allows restaurant owners to continue to operate and remain profitable no matter where this pandemic takes us next.

Mix & Match Furniture

The world-wide web has allowed communities everywhere to become increasingly more eclectic and that eclecticism reflects in restaurant decor trends. Contrasting furniture has been an old trend in home design and has moved into restaurants, lounges and even other public spaces to help people feel even more at home and thus more comfortable. This can be incorporated into your space by finding unique and homely restaurant tables, chairs, and banquette sofas that are the same colour scheme, but different in style.

Design Your Ceiling

When you think about design, the ceiling sadly doesn’t become a priority. However, it should be noted that incorporating some interesting elements into your ceiling is important to the overall design and feel of the space. A beautifully-designed ceiling can elevate the space and make it feel more comfortable, airy and inviting, particularly when compared to plain white ceilings with simple fixtures. This can be done in a number of ways.  From painting the ceiling a complementary colour to placing art on string or wires from the ceiling to adding unique light fixtures.

Plants & Green Spaces

Researchers have found that plants improve an individual’s perception of space, as well as their overall happiness. There is a positive movement to bring more plants not only into the home space but also the restaurant and other public areas. While plants have played a role in restaurant décor, this trend is seeing an upswing with more focus being given to décor based on plants such a plant walls, etc. We can now expect to see interior designs that look more jungle-like in nature with indoor trees and wall-to-wall leaves

Bold Typography

When done right, bold marquee letters, graphics, diagrams, and charts all provide a fun way to make the walls of your restaurant or bar space grab some attention. Neon colours are also just as much of a draw as painted or hand-drawn type though should be limited to bars. Colourful neon signs hung over exposed brick or white porcelain tile provide a popular aesthetic that many fast-food eateries are chasing.

Open kitchen floor plans

The open floor plan has been a food transparency trend for quite some time now. However, it is currently branching into a whole other role that is opening up and interfacing with the kitchen area to link all the stages of food planning together. This restaurant design trend is a way for customers to feel the strong presence of the kitchen and sets the vibe and standard to keep a quality kitchen region extremely high. Plus they get to watch as their food is getting prepared, which can raise expectations and energy.


Trends in the food service industry are constantly changing and adjusting based on the needs of society and what’s popular with consumers. Whether you choose to fully remodel or do a few minor updates to stay trendy and accessible, your diners will be sure to notice your efforts to make their experience for more comfortable! At Metal avenues, we cater to a range of furniture designs for restaurants, hotels, bars, and more, so, reach out to us and we can offer you the best quality furniture in India with expert advice and solutions for your space.

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