Restaurant Table Manufacturers -Metalavenues

Restaurant Table Manufacturers -Metalavenues

Do you want to purchase the most exquisite restaurant tables that fit your aesthetics in the most inventive ways? MetalAvenues is one of the best restaurant table suppliers in India and offers a large selection to be delivered right to your home. We have a great selection of restaurant table sets in custom designs with eye-catching colour tones of wood and a wide range of dimensions. 

MetalAvenues, one of the best table manufacturers is known for its contemporary style and robustness in restaurant furniture. Our restaurant tables are made of a seamless combination of solid wood and rust-proof textured steel that represents classic design to match your restaurant’s unique style. Its elegant, contemporary style radiates refinement and fosters a welcoming environment for social events. With its timeless charm and modern flair, our restaurant table base India promises to enhance the eating experience while being the epitome of durability and elegance.

Types of Restaurant Tables at Metal Avenues

Restaurant tables with well-balanced sizes and styles will reduce the amount of time your customers must wait to be seated. However, when choosing restaurant tables, you should measure the amount of floor space that you have available to make sure your customers have the best experience and you optimize the restaurant space to its fullest.

Tables for Two or Four People: The most common design for restaurant tables is the kind of table that offers seats for two to four people. Tables for two or four people are often offered in two parts: table bases and table tops. As robust table tops, granite, laminate, and resin are among the preferred choices, while aluminium, chrome, or cast iron make up good restaurant table bases. 

  • Tables at Bar Height: Pubs and bars usually leverage the bar height tables which come in circular or square structures and they go well with bar stools. 
  • Booth Tables: Restaurant table booths not only save space but also provide a cosy, private dining experience for customers. 
  • Patio/Outdoor Tables: For your outdoor dining area, restaurant tables that can withstand the extreme temperatures throughout the year are a must. Stainless steel are among the materials most preferred for restaurant tables that are robustly supported by aluminium table bases. 
  • Tables for Family Dining: Large tables, which may seat up to ten people, are a popular choice for family-friendly restaurants. They are also a preferred choice in party rooms and banquet halls both for decoration purposes and seating arrangements.

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